Sunday, March 3, 2013



"Today isn't that day you should wait for others to help, today is that day you should strive to be the help others need and make yourself available joyfully.

I have found it that makes others have more in life. Those who have learnt to give than receive later RECEIVE more from the Divine than those who receive more than what they give.

Monday is the best time to give your best to build someone's life or someone's business, be kind and very kind to do it without pain in your heart.

If you so desire love, give love away! If you so desire great career, be a great employee. If you so desire success in business, assist people build theirs. If you desire great marriage, don't destroy another's.

This day and forever, life gives you back more than that which you give and do to others.

Whatever you want today and forever, ASSIST others get it first."

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Convener, @ACTIV8ng

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Differentiating Factor

When everyone is HARD-WORKING
When everyone is INTELLIGENT
When everyone is SMART
When everyone is PASSIONATE
When everyone finds PURPOSE
When everyone is COMMITTED
When everyone is a GOAL SETTER
When everyone is a GOAL GETTER
When everyone PRAYS
When everyone works the STRATEGY
When everyone FASTS
When everyone works on their DREAMS
When everyone has GREAT ATTITUDE
When everyone has great SKILLS
When everyone is DETERMINED
When everyone has Jesus
When everyone hears Heaven
When everyone is a CHEERFUL GIVER
When everyone pays Tithe
When everyone has MENTORS
When everyone takes ACTION

And yet a few succeed!


Here is the ANSWER!

Solomon said: "Time and Chance happen to them all."

Time and Chance are elements in your YOUniverse.

How can you UNLOCK YOUR TIME and CHANCE and differentiate yourself from the CROWD.

How can you have more happiness, wealth, respect, love and enjoy the best of life.

How can you infact literally be living in the sea of opportunities?

I will give you the key to Unlock Your YOUniverse on the 6th of Feb. Be ready to DOWNLOAD this KEY.

And make the WORLD submit to you when you have this key.

Paulo Coelho said, "If you want something, the universe conspires to help you get it."

How do you command the universe?

The key is in my next music-inspiring-audio track.

It is titled "Unlock Your YOUniverse". It will be available for Download at, iTunes, Hulkshare, SoundCloud and other audio distributing channels online on 6th Nov. 2013.

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Unlock Your YOUniverse

I finally found it.

10 highly intelligent people graduated from the same class. All of them were hardworking and smart.

20 years after, 5 of them were "Nobodies". They were completely irrelevant and lived in obscurity.

3 of them were successful in their small towns and nothing more.

2 of them went to be highly successful in the world and nations of the world bowed to their "influence". Their YOUniverse was completely unlocked. Life completely submitted to them.

What is the differentiating factor in the lives of these friends?

Luck? Time? Chance? Fate?

I have found the answer. My latest audio release will show you how to "UNLOCK YOUR YOUNIVERSE."

This musico-inspiring-audio will be available on the 6th of Feb 2013 @ and iTunes also at every audio distributing channels on the internet for free download. You can't miss it.

Do you want the secret that sets humans apart? Here it is! Unlock Your YOUniverse.

Be glad to see you download and succeed.